Making a Splash

A&I Photographic and Digital Services utilizes an HP Scitex FB500 printer to output Yasmina Rossi's photography.

Big Picture

Model-turned-photographer Yasmina Rossi (www.yasminarossi.com) is known for her evocative underwater images and self portraits. Her latest exhibition, Eau Dela - Beyond Surfaces, was held in the exhibition space of the Bastion de France, a 16th-century fortress in the Corsican town of Porto-Vechhio.

The historic site was fitting, says A&I Photographic and Digital Services, which produced Rossi’s prints: The exhibit marked the first gallery show of fine-art photography printed exclusively on the HP Scitex FB500 printer.

“Yasmina has been a long-time client,” says Veronica Thomas with A&I (www.aandi.com). “She first started on the Indigo side by producing her photographic books with us. She then decided to start using our Epson machine. We then invited her to have a show within our gallery space called Primordial Ascension, where all the prints were done on our Lambda machine. She has been an amazing client due to her want to seek out new types of media to translate her work onto.”

For Rossi’s Eau Dela exhibit, A&I output 120 black-and-white images using the Scitex FB500, printing onto LexJet Sunset Canvas, which features a bright-white matte-coated surface. Final prints ranged in size from 22 x 31 to 43 x 80 inches.

Rossi was happy with the rich blacks A&I was able to achieve on the Scitex machine “and she liked the luster look of the image printed on canvas,” says Thomas. “We believe this technology opens up a whole new medium for artists,” says Thomas.

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