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Kodak to Distribute Exanet's ExaStore

Data storage system to get worldwide distribution

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Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) announced at Graph Expo 2003 that it reached an agreement with Exanet to distribute the company's Exanet ExaStore Scalable Storage Cluster in the graphic-arts market. The ExaStore system allows printers and prepress shops to consolidate their data storage into a single, easily upgradeable and easily managed system and provides virtually unlimited capacity and bandwidth.

"KPG's worldwide presence will accelerate the penetration rate of Exanet's products to the graphic-arts industry, enabling more and more customers to enjoy the cost performance benefits offered by Exanet products," says Dr. Giora Yaron, Chairman and CEO of Exanet.

"In today's world, our customers are dealing with the escalating needs of data storage, but that needn't limit their growth. The ExaStore system is the next wave of information technology that helps improve efficiency," says Jeff Jacobson, KPG's Chief Executive Officer. (Exanet: www.exanet.com; Kodak Polychrome Graphics: www.kpgraphics.com)

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