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Infiniti Intros FY3360A and Fina 160/250/320 Printers

New solvent printers range from 63- to 126-in. wide.

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Infiniti America has introduced several new solvent printers- FY3360A and Fina 160/250/320.

The 126-in. FY3360A is a solvent-based printer with resolutions that reach 720 dpi. The 4-color machine handles a variety of media-vinyl, one-way vision film, paper, fabric, and PVC-in both rolls and sheets. Armed with eight Spectra Nova 256LQ printheads, the machine achieves speeds up to 850 sq ft/hr in draft mode, 495 sq ft/hr in standard print mode, and 258 sqft/hr in high-quality mode. Also, it is equipped with 1-l ink tanks, preheater and drying systems, a pneumatic roller-controlled auto feeding and take-up system, positive-pressure cleaning, low-ink detector, and an anti-clogging system. Price: $129,998.

The new roll or sheetfed 4-color Fina160/250/320 solvent printers feature Xaar printheads and resolutions up to 720 dpi; in addition, the Fina RIP is included. Also features advanced cleaning, feeding, and holding systems; preheating and drying systems; and low-ink detector.

The 63-in. Fina160 offers printheads that produce 30-pl droplets and reaches speed up to 262 sq ft/hr in 360 x 360-dpi mode and 68 sq ft in 720 x 720-dpi mode. Price: $18,998.

The Fina250 is 98-in. wide produces 30-pl droplets and reaches speeds of 319 sq ft/hr in 360 x 360-dpi mode and up to 79 sq ft/hr in 720 x720-dpi mode. Price: $25,998.

The 160-in. Fina320 offers 50-pl Xaar printheads and speeds up to 420 sq ft/hr in 180 x 360-dpi print mode and 140 sq ft/hr in 720 x 720-dpi print mode. Price: $39,998.


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