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Helios PDF Handshake Integrates pdfInspektor3

Software automatically inspects PDF files for production compatibility.

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Helios PDF HandShake UB, from Helios Software, is now integrating Callas Software"?s new pdfInspektor3, allowing users to automatically inspect PDF files to verify printing compatibility and conformance with standards. Callas"?s pdfInspektor3 is automated by PDF HandShake to examine PDF files as soon as they are created, ensuring that they are production compatible.

Callas pdfInspektor3 works with the entire Helios product suite. The integration provides server-based, automated PDF checking from any networked PC at any point in the user"?s workflow. PDF reports, output directories, and post-processing actions can all be freely accessed and configured.

Helios PDF HandShake UB with pdfInspektor3 is now available; existing users with current upgrade service agreements can download the update for free.



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