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Gimle AbsoluteProof Provides Hexachrome Proofing Workflow

Users can inkjet-proof jobs that have been separated for Hexachrome

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AbsoluteProof Software from Gimle, is the first true Pantone-licensed Hexachrome-In, Hexachrome-Out proofing workflow with ICC support. With programs such as Pantone HexWare, users can now take jobs that have been separated for Hexachrome and proof them on their inkjet printers.

Hexachrome files are taken from imagesetter RIPs or from images separated through an ICC profile, are recombined and color-managed using AbsoluteProof, and are then sent to an inkjet proofer. Hexachrome produces rich, vibrant colors and realistic skin tones and pastels because of the CMYKOG expanded color gamut.

AbsoluteProof is able to simulate Pantone colors, interpret traps and overprints, and it allows individual inks to be tuned for optimizing proofer output. It also provides six-channel linearization and support for GretagMacbeth's ProfileMaker MeasureTool. The software supports HP, Epson, and Roland inkjet printers and accepts a range of CMYK, LAB, or RGB TIFF files. (Gimle: www.absolute-proof.com).

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