Flame-Broiled Billboard Promotes Russian Restaurant

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Big Picture

1. Russia│ Double Grill and Bar in Yekaterinburg, Russia, decided to promote its flame-broiled steaks and charcoal-grill process by actually flame-broiling its billboard. An image of a raw steak was visible by day – but by night, two men dressed as chefs with flamethrowers in tow set ablaze eight vertical lines on the billboard. Post-fire, passersby could see the “grilled” steak along with a new stamp of approval –the restaurant’s name.

2. Switzerland│ Starbucks is literally an on-the-go option in Switzerland, the first country to get a mobile Starbucks store. The coffee-shop-on-rails is located inside an SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) double-decker train car that’s been wrapped with the Starbucks Siren logo. The train travels from Geneva Airport to St. Gallen, and is stocked with coffee, pastries, and barista.

3. France│ DressmyTV, a French startup, now offers customizable fine-art prints to cover up flat-screen TVs in homes and offices. The company’s product comprises a removable frame with a built-in retractable fine-art print that covers the TV screen when it’s not in use. A press of a button on a provided remote control retracts the canvas and frame when the user wants to watch his or her favorite TV show. More than 1000 combinations of frames and prints are available.

4. Sydney│ Roadshow Films, OMD Worldwide, and JCDecaux Australia joined together to promote the Oscar-nominated film The Wolf of Wall Street via outdoor advertising displays in Sydney, Australia (as well as Melbourne and Brisbane). JCDecaux Citylight information panels were filled with up to $10,000 in real $100 bills, which swirled around an image of the film’s star, Leonardo DiCaprio. Security guards were hired to man the display during the day; the cash was removed at night.

5. Brazil│ To promote the Eliane Indiani Fitness Center, Brazilian ad agency Molotov turned to elevator doors. Molotov designed two images: one for the inside of the elevator, showing a bodybuilder, and another for the two outside doors with the bodybuilder’s forearms holding two dumbbells. When the elevator doors open, it appears as if the bodybuilder is lifting weights.

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