CNP Signs Installs Fine-Art Wall Mural

Plus, more wide-format stories from around the globe.

Big Picture

1. California│ Whale, a mural by artist Nina Katchadourian based on a composite photograph by Bryant Austin, joined 12 other artworks already installed throughout La Jolla, California, as part of Murals of La Jolla, a public art project by the La Jolla Community Foundation. The mural was printed onto 16-foot wide 3M Panaflex vinyl and then installed by CNP Signs (www.cnpsigns.com), totaling 11 x 80 feet.

2. South Africa│Bright Digital (www.brightdigital.co.za), based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is thinking “outside the box.” Or really, “inside the box.” Bright Digital created a 7 x 15-foot box using X-Board to promote a Driver’s Incentive Program. The text on the box served as a giant entry form with the program’s info along the outside. The grand prize – a Volkswagen Polo – sat inside the box.

3. Alabama│Wells Fargo creates wall murals outside of its banks to connect the branches with the communities they serve – the company has more than 2000 murals throughout the US. To celebrate Black History Month, the bank’s Community Mural team designed, printed, and installed three historical murals honoring civil-rights heroes in the South. The 7 x 13-foot wall mural placed on the exterior of the branch in Montgomery, Alabama, was printed onto a proprietary paper, which was then integrated into a custom high-pressure laminate.

4. Stockholm│Apotek, a pharmacy brand, designed subway platform ads in Stockholm, Sweden, with digital screens equipped with ultra-sonic sensors that monitored trains’ arrivals. The ad – with a tagline “Make your hair come alive” – featured a model with long, blonde hair that then whipped in the wind uncontrollably when a train came through the station.

5. London│For British Airways’ latest campaign titled #lookup, the airline, along with agency Ogilvy 112th Floor, has created billboards in Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick in London that show children reacting to real planes flying overhead. When the billboard detects a BA plane flying below the clouds, a child points to the sky and the actual flight details – flight number and departure location – and the URL www.ba.com/lookup  appear on screen. The campaign is designed to push onlookers online to view destination details and ultimately book a flight.

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