Capturing and Printing Ohio

Fine-art photographic prints of natural habitats, wildlife, and more.

Big Picture

Born and raised in Ohio, photographer Jim Crotty makes the state's natural habitats, wildlife, and people the primary focus of his work.

"For me, the woodlands, rivers and valleys of southern Ohio are a part of who I am as an artist," says Crotty. "There is a subtle beauty to the Ohio landscape that gets unnoticed and under appreciated. It's my goal to make that beauty obvious to those who view my photographs." "

Crotty offers many of his images as digital prints via his own website, which he began as a fulltime endeavor in 2003. The image above, from the Aullwood Audubon Center in Dayton, was shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel using Canon "L" professional-grade lenses. After working with the image in Adobe Photoshop, Crotty used his in-house Epson 7600 printer to output the 16 x 24-in. print onto Epson Premium Glossy roll paper, using Epson"?s Ultrachrome inks. For prints larger than 24 x 30 in., he typically outsources the printing for output onto an Oce LightJet.

In addition to his sales of fine-art photographic prints, Crotty also provides assignment/location work and photography services for products and still shots for jobs in and out of Ohio. Beyond his EOS Digital Rebel, Crotty includes a Canon EOS 35mm and a Mamiya medium-format camera in his arsenal, as well as a Nikon Super Coolscan 8000, a Nikon 4000 film scanner, and an Epson 1250 flatbed scanner. (Jim Crotty,

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