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Callas pdfToolbox 4

Print production program revamped to do more.

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Callas pdfToolbox 4 is now available from Callas Software. The all-in-one print-production tool set has been revamped to make it more applicable across all graphic arts (versus only prepress).

New features include added functionality for imposing everything from business cards and booklets to N-up imposition, improved controls for creating professional-looking PDF presentations, and easy creation of PDF versions for localized information.

Version 4 also features advanced color controls as well as an updated version of the product’s preflight engine (it now supports the latest ISO standards for PDF/A and PDF/E, plus PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5). It provides PDF slicing and gluing to split or join PDF content; controls to scale, fit, move, extend, rotate, and flip PDF content; and the ability to embed, subset, replace, and convert fonts to outlines while maintaining correct character spacing without bloating document sizes.

Price: approximately $775. Version 4 of pdfToolbox is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and 3D as well as Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional and Extended.


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