Application Spotlight

SpeedPro Designs Crayola Creation Laboratory

Decals, wall signs, and more create a fun learning environment.

Motiflow: The Intersection of Customization and Wide Format

This print-on-demand company bridges the gap between designers and end users.

Vertical Printing Meets Hotel Décor

Direct-to-wall printing transforms the Peppers Docklands luxury hotel.

Special Reports

Big Picture Hires New Associate Editor

Rao joins Cincinnati-based editorial team.

The Writing on the Wall: 5 New Media Options

Substrates to take your shop’s décor printing to the next level.

Digital Textile Printing: Fashion’s Next Foray

Digital print could be the answer to the market's demands.
JanFeb 2018

Digital Edition

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Case Studies


Adapting to Digital Textiles

Philomela and Adaptive Textiles partner to produce one-of-a-kind designer fabrics.

Fabricating the Future

Arizona high school opens first 4-H Fab Lab for hands-on fabrication education.

Wide-Format Wallcoverings: Out of the Woods

A leafy print sets this showroom apart from the rest.